Actionable Telematics
at your fingertips

A programmable IoT Smart Bluetooth Tag for stand-alone applications or expanded Syrus 3G Bluetooth actionable intelligence

Syrus BT tag spec

Infinite Possibilities for

High Value Goods and Assets Monitoring

Link up to 1 tags to a single Syrus Smart Hub and monitor presence of goods or attached assets. Syrus BTT’s reed switch can be used to detect when things are attached or detached from tag

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Get live temperature readings and monitor up to 100 different compartment locations. Receive audible alerts locally when temperature exceeds predefined thresholds and trigger immediate actions

Syrus Smart Hub Triggers and Wireless Button Event Notifications

Send instan alerts by clicking the Syrus BTT’s push button. Ideal for personal S.O.S. wireless signals or security Tour Patrol applications

Driver Indentification and Trailer-Truck Pairing

Indentify who is driving a particular vehicle and setup restrictions based on authorize schedules or geofences. Pair and monitor trailers with authorized trucks and trailers and generate alarms when trailers are attached or detached

Key Features

  • Built-in motion sensor with Smart Power Management and ultra los power consumption modes
  • Over the air (OTA) fir ware upgrade
  • Over the air (OTA) configuration management
  • High-end remote API interaction for IoT connected apps
  • Built-in motion with free fall detection
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Built-in ambient light sensor
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • LED indictor
  • Magneic reed switch
  • Portable design and ruggedized enclosure
  • Replaceable battery