Increase Productivity Connecting your Fleet to Smart Systems

Your fleet operates in an ever-expanding, connected world.
Data is used and required by different parties, platforms, and users which in turn, interact with different services.

Pegasus Gateway allows your fleet operation to interact with the services your clients use every day

Different variables and conditions may be combined to create Fleet Automation Rules. These rules may be applied to a single vehicle or an entire fleet; may also include Syrus actionable telematics on the edge as well as multi-tasking interoperability.


  • Real-time alerts with programmable text-to-speech messages to enhance team response
  • Vehicle to infrastructure: lighting control automation, remote temperature, smart outlets & switches and access control
  • Infrastructure to vehicle: task assignment, remote immobilization and restricted use of assets
  • Smart, automated team messaging channels with real-time notifications
  • Live streaming and snapshots for critical events
  • Voice command interface, monitoring, and interaction
  • Routine task automation and triggers
  • Surround sound voice messages and notifications

Enhance your Interoperability with SYRUS 3G Bluetooth

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