Meet the Syrus series for Multiple Applications

The Syrus line of devices consists of intelligent interactive modules for fleet management and multi-asset control. A complete ecosystem provider for all your tracking needs.


Syrus 3G & 3G Bluetooth

Item # S3G-2480, S3GBT-2481

Syrus 3G & 3G Bluetooth

Advanced tracking device built for IoT/M2M Applications based on actionable intelligence, realtime interaction with multiple accessories and sensors, built-in diagnostic and superior API management, now with Bluetooth built-in.

Syrus Cloud Connect 2G/3G

Item # SL3G-1645, SL-1645, SL-1445

Syrus Cloud Connect 2G/3G

Intelligent tracking device series with superior GPS sensitivity combined with a 3G Penta-band/ 2G Quad-band GSM/GPRS module. It has superior GPS sensitivity, high-resolution, three-axis accelerometer with auto-calibration features. The SL-1645 series, include more I/Os, 1-wire port and full RS-232 capabilities.

Syrus Titan (Portable)

Item # ST-1734

Syrus Titan (Portable)

Versatile Portable Syrus device specially designed to track individuals, cargo, or any asset. Fully supported by Syrus Cloud-based APIs through Pegasus Gateway. This device is ready for IoT interaction with other Syrus devices and external Smart ecosystems.

Syrus 2G Trailer Tracker

Item # STT-4313

Rechargeable battery operated asset 2G tracking device designed for prolonged remote monitoring with advanced functionalities. Provisioned with global, multi-carrier wireless connectivity and OTA configuration management.

Syrus Bluetooth Tag

Item# BTT-1634

A programmable IoT Smart Bluetooth Tag for stand-alone applications as well as expanded Syrus 3G Bluetooth actionable intelligence. Fully supported by Syrus Cloud-based APIs and ready for IoT interaction with Smart Ecosystems.

Syrus App Taurus Tracker

A Syrus Mobile App to track your sales force, register Check-ins, arrivals, departure times with easy selector for On-Duty/Off-Duty status setting. This app offers documents/images capturing functionalities, on field S.O.S alerts, convenient chat interaction between user-dispatcher, useful QR scanning for reference point validation, vehicle assignment and other features.

Powered by

Pegasus Gateway
m2m Cloud Connect


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