DCT is the premier worldwide provider of wireless physical infrastructure devices for mobile asset management​ with actionable intelligence fully managed through APIs. First incorporated in 1998 after several years of research and development into the cellular wireless industry, DCT became a leading manufacturer of professional tracking / monitoring solutions based on fleet productivity and logistics information. The company’s efforts are focused on building applications to meet the most demanding requirements for commercial, industrial, and automotive market segments. DCT is innovating every day assisting users to manage and control their remote assets.


Our Vision

First, we started with the hardware, Syrus GPS – an intelligent reporting tracking device, then Syrus Watch, a Quality Control Communication System and Remote Device Diagnostics, following that, a wide-range of enhanced integrated accessories to develop specific business model. Afterwards, a fully managed cloud enterprise solution / application enablement platform Pegasus Gateway was developed to simplify the creation of your own end-to-end m2m/IoT applications and solutions. Then, following this vision, a global multi-carrier 3G/GPRS connectivity m2mCloudConnect was created to enable communication data-flow from Syrus GPS to the Gateway solution. Currently, we are launching Syrusmart, a complete Application Market that empowers service providers globally to deliver applications worldwide.



Our mission is simple, to exceed our clients expectations providing value added professional and user friendly tracking solutions, delivering accurate, secure, and analytic information in real time for fleet productivity.