Actionable Telematics for infinite possibilities interacting with multiple sensors and external IoT ecosystems through REST APIs.




  • 3G – GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz UMTS/HSPA+: Penta band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz High speed data transfer for faster communication and interaction for IoT/M2M applications with worldwide cellular network coverage.
  • Advanced Configurable Accelerometer / 3-Axis Internal Digital +/-16GTurn over signal with instant acceleration monitoring as well as back log for crash condition history report. Movement, shock, aggressive detection, tilt, aggressive lane change, and aggressive driving on curve detection.
  • Backup Satellite Communication Capability IRIDIUM network compatible with SATCOM accessory sold separately. Configuration and app available at PEGASUS Gateway- SYRUSMART.
  • Advanced OTA Configuration Management via PEGASUS GatewaySpecialized Over-The-Air configurations available for multiple business models and applications.
  • Water Resistant IP65 Now suitable for all kinds of vehicles and mobile assets exposed to harsh weather conditions.
  • Tamper Detection Anti-tamper functionality accurately detects when the device’s case has been opened.
  • ECU Monitor Compatible Easy CAN / OBD integration with external ECU Monitor accessory that can be managed via PEGASUS Gateway – REST APIs.
  • Back & Forward Log Retrieve back or forward log messages to provide valuable data after a critical incident such as harsh braking condition, crash event with photo capturing functionalities.
  • Large Store & Forward Buffer Save up to 21,000 events when no GPRS or GSM network is available.
  • Built-in Remote Diagnostics Advanced functions to monitor the health of hardware components as well as efficiency of communication.
  • Intelligent Geofencing Capability Embedded integration of up to 100 circular and 100 polygonal user defined geofences.
  • Enhanced Remote Interaction Through REST APIs Supported by Pegasus Gateway Transform device data to structured reports with simple API calls.
  • Intelligent Counters Computed on the Edge Outstanding embedded intelligence with user-defined thresholds and actions computed on the edge.
  • Accelerations Backlog Retrieve logs with instant accelerations for valuable data before and after critical incidents.
  • Supported by DCT High-level Ecosystem Advanced development tools and resources to deploy successful smart connected solutions.
  • SYRUSMART Ready Available advanced configurations and Apps at SYRUS specialized development community.
  • Multi-sensor/Accessories Compatibility Different ports with actionable intelligence for advanced telematics with multiple sensors and accessories.