Affordable Tracking &
Expanded Interoperability

Actionable Telematics for infinite possibilities interacting with multiple sensors and external IoT ecosystems through REST APIs.

syr 2g sl 1645 specs


  • Internal rechargeable backup battery
  • Built in motion sensor for Smart Power Management (low power consumption modes)
  • Embedded GSM and GPS antennas with superior cellular and GPS quality
  • IP65 sealed enclosure
  • Over the air (OTA) firmware upgrade and over the air configuration management via Pegasus Gateway
  • Turn by turn reports to guarantee the bet possible tracking resolution
  • Up to five SMS telephone numbers
  • Up to30,000 buffered messages
  • Up to 100 built-in circular geofences
  • Up to 100 built-in circular geofences
  • Up to 100 built-in polygonal geofences
  • Virtual Hour Meter
  • Virtual Odometer
  • Up to 16 user signals
  • Up to 20 user counters
  • Motion, shock and aggressive driving detection
  • Acceleration backlog
  • Remote configuration via API
  • Abstract high level interaction via Syrus Cloud Gateway REST APIs
  • Ultra low power consumption during sleep mode (<1mA)
  • Customizable pre-fabricated cable connector (automotive connectors, waterproof connectors, Molex, etc.)